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Copyright Information:
All editorial content including graphics on the DC-3/Dakota Association webpages is protected by U.S. copyright laws and international treaties. Information found on this site has been obtained in good faith from a wide range of sources. We ask contributors to submit accurate and well-researched materials. The appropriate copyright notice will accompany the work and the author’s website or email address of the author if he or she wishes.  The DC-3/Dakota Association also requires that secondary contributors (i.e. not the author) have written permission from the copyright holder before submitting the work, or indicate if the work is in Public Domain. Header photo American Airlines.

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Photos on this site
A word about the photographs on the site: We have attempted to credit everyone who, over the years, contributed photos to us. Some records have been lost or misplaced and you will see credited “author’s collection,” on some photos. We will be happy to credit you with the photo if you just drop us an email. You will see photos credited to the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing Company. These photos were approved for the publication of “The Legacy of the DC-3,” my second book on the DC-3, and may not be downloaded without permission of the Boeing Company. Please see the Copyright Information link for further details on the content of this site.

Submission Guidelines:
Contributions to DC-3/Dakota Association on the  are on a Pro Bono basis. If the contributor has a book(s) in print we will post the book(s), and a link to PayPal if the author has a PayPal account, or we will link the book to The author’s website will also be listed.

Submissions should be in a Word doc if at all possible or PDF format. At least one illustration provided you own the rights to it or it is in the public domain would be helpful.